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Hello! Hey! Hi there!

My name is Cristina Chipurici, and I’m also known as Pyuric (wordplay based on my family name).

My superpowers? Accelerated learning, searching for the best ways to do things, and sharing the essential information with others.

Currently focused on empowering high performers, through content, workshops and as a coach. Working with people who have challenging missions and the power to inspire large communities, such as entrepreneurs, musicians, writers, endurance athletes, and so on.

I’m helping others remain sane in the digital era, amplify the impact of their mission and support them in achieving their goals. Supporting people to make better decisions, become more productive, create healthier habits, recalibrate, and deal with anxiety caused by information overwhelm and/or social pressure. All these come with book recommendations that will accelerate their learning and skills development.

Background: 12+ years of experience at the intersection of digital marketing, startups, music and books, either creating and/or promoting content projects, brands and artists – all detailed below.

You might also want to know about me that:

  • My main way to communicate is through a longform newsletter I write (Romanian language), on various personal development topics, with book recommendations and other resources. It’s called Cristina’s Friday Read and it’s read by thousands of Romanians, with average 70% open rate. You can learn more about it here, read some recent emails and decide if it makes sense to subscribe.
  • I now read more than 60 non-fiction books per year, but in my 20s I wasn’t reading at all, not even 1 book per year. I shared everything I learned on this topic in a guide about how to read more books. BBC featured my story in an article about how to cultivate a daily reading habit.
  • In my spare time I recharge my ‘batteries’ through long-distance running (preferably on mountain trails). Running changed my life, so now I’m guiding others who want to build this habit. If you’re based in Bucharest and want to start running from scratch, you can join 321sport, an urban running group that grew into the largest of its kind in Romania – find us every Tuesday evening, starting 1930, Herăstrău Park – Aviatorilor entrance.
  • Beginner’s mindset. Stoic wannabe. For personality geeks: INTJ. Gallup strengths: Restorative, Learner, Relator, Analytical, Responsibility.

Work experience:

  • I’m a marketing consultant at PORC (Romanian streetwear brand est. 2012).
  • 2017: I co-founded The CEO Library together with Bobby Voicu, a project with books recommended by those who are among the best in the world at what they do. Interviewed 250+ leaders on the subject of books that shaped their professional journey, healthy habits and skills required for the future of work, and wrote hundreds of newsletters and articles that support building a life-changing habit of reading books. Transitioned out 2+ years later, explained here why.
  • Held several digital marketing roles at startups or agencies, both as individual contributor and as a manager. In chronological order: e-Ok.ro (founded in 2008 / first ad-supported music streaming platform in Romania) Zonga (founded in 2012 / Romanian music streaming service), Upswing (joined in 2015 / formerly known as SEO Monitor Agency), Golin – The Bridge (in charge of The Bridge – the digital media department of Golin PR agency), Heimdal Security (joined in 2016 / Copenhagen-based cybersecurity company).
  • For several years, I worked as a music digital marketer, promoting artists; started with pop-dance, but specialized in hip-hop and rock. Collaborated with Guess Who, Grasu XXL, Maximilian, Spike, JJ, Agresiv, Puya, Inna, Alex Velea, Hi-Q, Bitză, Andreea Bănică, CTC, Bucium, and many others.
  • In 2007 I co-founded a music blog called Monden.info and, building on a clean content policy, turned it into the most popular entertainment website in Romania. Successfully exited a few years later (first acquisition of a blog in our country).
  • Studies in Music Business at Berklee College of Music, Journalism (2006-2009), and graduated from an English bilingual highschool (George Coșbuc, Bucharest).


If you’re a marketer or owner of a business / agency, before reaching out please note that I’m not a blogger or “influencer”. I don’t go to events, concerts or press conferences, I don’t publish news about companies or a new product launch, I don’t accept paid content, ads, free products, barters, link exchange or guest posting. I have a proactive content strategy, not one reactive to marketing or PR efforts. If this bothers you, maybe you should switch careers.


If you’re looking for a coach to support you & help you change your life, if you have an inspiring and challenging mission and you think I might be able to help, there’s only one way to find out: send me an email and let’s meet for a coffee or matcha. We’ll talk about your current biggest challenge, your dreams and goals, and decide together if / how I can help and what would be the next steps.

If you just want to say hello, to thank me for a decision I helped you with, to share an interesting thought or idea, or if you want to recommend me a book that you read and thought I might enjoy, please feel free to reach out.

I read everything, but sadly I’m not able to reply all the email I receive, as I first focus on messages from those I regularly work with. That being said, you can find me at: contact at cristina chipurici dot ro.

Motto: “Develop the habit of letting small bad things happen. If you don’t, you’ll never find the time for the life-changing big things.” (via Tim Ferriss)

This page was last updated in: October 2019


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    si e mai frumos acum .. arata mai deosebit winking

  3. Pyuricut aka lil` butterfly thinkingthinkingconfused

  4. interesant blog si frumoasa tema love struck

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    viteza la tastare ca a ta se capata prin instant messaging, normal ca folosesti si ym! winking
    ps: you still a freak, 500 cuv/min!

  9. peace sign Super tare blogul,si imi place ca vii cu noutati pe Monden.info si tu si timisoreanca noastra Ada winking …V-am trecut in blogroll,desi nu cred ca are vreo relevanta pentru voi big grin

  10. cand o sa aflam al cui publicist esti? big grin

  11. Cu privire la gusturi esti pe aceeasi lungime de unda cu mine. Restu te priveste pe tine ca fatahappy, eu sunt cu tehnica si tehnologia

  12. Brown Sugar si The Godfather ? interesant happy

  13. yo, can’t believe it, am fost colege de scoala: ti promotia 2006, eu promotia 2007 big grinbig grin/

  14. Am citit doar despre tine, promit ca voi face recurs…

  15. Nu prea am gasit motivele pentru care ai ales Jurnalismul in arhiva. Daca nu iti rapesc prea mult timp, chiar as fi curioasa sa aflu 2-3 din cauzele care te-au facut sa renunti la sectia Comunicare si Relatii publice.

  16. Tia spus cineva vreo data ca incerci sa semeni cu Kate aia din Naufragiati sau cum i spune ca nu ma uit la el?

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  19. @idealul: da mă, noi ăştilalţi, bărbaţi ideali, de altfel, tre’ să ni le facem singuri…

  20. Buna Cristina. As avea o intrebare pentru tine: la ce Facultate de Jurnalism esti?

    Am observat ca suntem nascuti in acelasi in, insa eu sunt abia in anul 1, tot la jurnalism (FJSC). happy

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  22. Bună. Eşti simpatică şi ai un blog super! big grin Numa’ bine!

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  25. eşti cu un an şi câteva luni mai mare decât mine şi deja eşti [ctrl+V din ce ai scris tu] păi să ştii că mă simt inutil în momentul ăsta. Eu nu am făcut mai nimic.

  26. am ramas traznit! esti foarte frumoasa!

    felicitarile mele!happy

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    Acolo e 90% din Kate (LOST)! laughing

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    big grin

  35. ai facut cosbucu’? big grin ce tare, si eu… de fapt, inca il mai fac laughing si sunt mandra de asta laughingbig grin/big grin

  36. chipos si cu accentul pe i in greaca inseamna gradina, chipuros e gradinar si pe fata lui chipurici, exista si o salata foarte nostima chipuru, asa esti si tu

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  39. Foarte draguta si destul de multe lucruri realizate pana acum, ceea ce ma uimeste. Sper sa tinem legatura, nu stim niciodata…happy

  40. hmmm

    esti o fata foarte frumoasa

    si din ce-mi dau seama… nu numai happy

    PS: acum o sa sara lumea “ba papagalule, ce repede ai sarit sa la fata aia” GRESIT. Un compliment, de fapt, o constatare si atat happy

  41. Interesant blogul , si tu kiss .
    Iti pot folosi numele pe blogul meu ? batting eyelashes .

  42. poate ca degeaba mai scriu eu aici 2 randuri pe langa ce au scris toti si eu nu am citit…

    dar tipa e genială!!! are o minte la fel ca sclipirea ochiilor din poza! recomand sa o urmariti, chiar daca nu comentati winking

  43. Felicitari. un prieten se plangea ca nu mai are omul loc in blogosfera romaneasca. E loc, si cu cat lucrezi mai mult si cu pasiune, cu atat ajungi mai cunoscut. Imi place ca o tanara a realizat atat de multe. Tine-o tot asa.

  44. N’ai cum sa ii zici lu Cristinelu de cat Pyuric, ma intalneam cu baietii (Laur, Dragos, Spike, etc) daca ziceam Cristina.. se uitau sui, daca ziceam Pyuric “A da, stiu, etc”laughing deci pyuricioasa suna bine tongue

  45. Frumos blogul,frumoasa porecla happy
    Bafta cu blogul !

  46. buna…poti vb cu agresivii sa le spui ca nu le merge situ,ma chinui de ceva zile sa dau de albumul lor ap 71,daca as fi pe plaiurile noastre nu ar fi o problema..dar ca tot romanu is pe afara

  47. Domane pyuric cat de draguta esti si ai niste ochi frumosi foc asa caprui cum imi plac mie. Mult succes sa ai ! happy

  48. Ma fascineaza felul in care ai reusit…esti un exemplu pentru totii tinerii din Romania,bravo Cristina,bravo.

  49. Felicitari pentru nominalizarea din apropo.ro happy

  50. Admir mult curajul tau si mai ales felul tau de a fi. Ne-am intalnit prin Radio Lynx si mi-am facut o parere super despre tine…Bafta!

  51. Impresionanta biografie. Felicitari si la mai multe happy

  52. cea mai tare evolutie in ceea ce priveste cariera pe care am vazut`o/de care am auzit vre`o data.ma inclin in fata ta.

  53. Superba privire. Foarte inspirat bannerul.happy Bafta multa cu blogul.

  54. Am vazut ca contribui pe Wikipedia. Ar fi bine daca te-ai duce acolo winking

  55. deci, nu sînteți rudă cu dan pyuric?

    1) Iti vezi de treaba ta!
    2) Ai contribuit la dezvoltarea hip-hopului in Romania!
    Multa sanatate tie si familiei!

  57. Sunt strain de preocuparile tale, dar mi-au impus raspunsurile, prin calmul,tactul si politetea demonstrate. Parca ai lucra in PR. Felicitari!

  58. Seby RDC Reply to Seby

    Buna… Frumoase realizari. O intrebare… Tu apari in clipul lui DOC – Multumesc? Poate doar mi s-a parut…

  59. Eu am fost, în 2000 şi 2001 primul jurnalist român invitat la Midem, pe banii organizatiei happy Am probe!

  60. vai de mine, NU, am fost invitat în 1991 şi 1992, cînd a fost si Iris şi a cîntat. Doamne, cum trece vremea! Apoi am mai fost invitat anul trecut!

  61. pffuu..ochii aia big grin felicitari pentru ceea ce intreprinzi, o dovada clara ca sexul slab poate excela pe orice nisa orice domeniu!

  62. Alex&TheFatPenguins Reply to Alex&TheFatPenguins

    si totusi unde te gasim de avem nevoie de serviciile tale de PR?

  63. Mona Mihaela Iorgulescu Reply to Mona

    Cristina, esti pasionata de carti. Iti recomand 3 cluburi de carte in engleza in Bucuresti. Evenimente se pot vedea aici:
    – The English Book Club of Bucharest (grup de Facebook)
    – Bucharest English Book Club (grup de Facebook)
    – Books, Cats and Delights (pagina de Facebook)
    Nu mai ai cont de FB, insa le poti cauta pe Google, stii happy.
    Te asteptam cu drag.

  64. Buna Cristina

    Iti scriu aceste mesaj deoarece iti apreciez munca si pentru ca ai fost si esti in conexiune de succes cu industria muzicala autohtona.

    Intru direct la subiect. Ii produc o cariera muzicala fiului meu Luca. Ca si portofoliu de prezentare vom crea 6-7 clipuri video, dar pentru etapa “post cove-uri” cautam compozitori de dancing romanesc, localizat in trendul international al momentului.

    Intrebarea aparent naiva, dar de fapt pragmatica, este daca ne poti media conexiuni utile. Dorim sa cantam dupa negativ si/sau formatie, orice ne place si suna bine,.. dar in primul rand trebuie trebuie sa-i identificam si sa-si motivam pe acesti compozitori potentiali happy

    Ramanem datori pentru efort ! De fapt NU ramanem datori…

    Pentru conformitate, primul nostru videoclip il vezi aici: https://www.facebook.com/lucasplaton/posts/316832842320156

    Multumesc pentru timpul acordat !

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