What I’m currently up to:

  • Preparing my speech for Pe Bune Live (Nov 25), an event organized by DoR (a Romanian magazine) at National Theatre Bucharest. Tickets were sold in less than 6 hours so, you know, no pressure.
  • Getting ready for PORC‘s Black Friday (Nov 29) and to launch the new winter gear (PORC is one of the brands I’m helping with marketing consulting services).
  • Trying to jump-start a few habits – old routines that are important to me and my mental health, but somehow got lost in the way. Daily running, writing and meditation are the main ones.
  • Saying no to all meetings, requests or event invites for the upcoming months. No mental energy left (or Google Calendar space whatsoever), everything will have to wait until February 2020.
  • Transitioned out of The CEO Library, after 2+ years since I co-founded this international project, in order to focus more on helping those in my country.
  • Getting close to releasing my new podcast – two years after starting TCL one, I’m now about to release one in Romanian language. It’s an opportunity to interview those close to me, who impacted my life most, and I feel the need to spread the word more about their work.

* page last updated: November 2019 / inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now project.