What I’m currently up to:

  • Working on my speech for SO Meetups Event (sign up here), where I’m invited to hold a presentation together with Andrei Roșca on the topic of productivity in social media. As one of the first Romanian social media influencers (founded biggest music blog & first blog sold in Romanian, I was also the most followed Romanian woman at some point), I’m going to talk about why I decided to close or severely limit my activity on social media networks.
  • One year after starting The CEO Library, we interviewed more than 200 people who are among the best at what they do about the books that shaped their journey and their reading habits. I’m also writing The CEO Library newsletter – it’s with inspiring and interesting resources that will make you challenge your assumptions, the books I’m currently reading and other personal insights. Decided to close my own personal newsletter (Friday Read) and only write this newsletter for The CEO Library
  • Just competed in Hercules half-marathon, a beautiful trail running competition in Romania, and finished fourth in my category. Only two competitions left and I’m going to end this year’s running season.

* page last updated: October 2018 / inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now project.

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