What I’m currently focused on:

  • Holding a new digital wellbeing workshop in Bucharest, on March 21st, learn more here.
  • Just launched a new podcast episode, with Andrei Roșca, coach, change strategist, entrepreneur. Learn more here.
  • Just closed Actualizator | Digital Control, the project created together with DoR Magazine. It was a series of 6 newsletters that zoomed in our toxic relationship with technology and smartphones (from social media to email, chat apps and so on). At the end, we organized an event with the readers, where we talked about the problem at a larger level: the attention economy and how companies make money, and also had a group exercise for all the addicts.
  • Focused on training for my first ultramarathon (the 50k race part of Transylvania 100, scheduled for May 16th).
  • Taking a break from all meetings, public speaking and media invites for an undetermined amount of time.

* page last updated: February 27th, 2020 / inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now project.