Writing about what I need to apply (as opposed to what I already master)

As you probably know by now, every week I’m sending a huge newsletter to 1,000 subscribers, where I write about all sorts of big ideas and thoughts related to personal development, plus extra resources that I recommend to go even deeper – articles, books, podcasts and the likes.

While at first it may seem as if I’m talking about them with the confidence of someone who’s some sort of expert that masters them and decided to help others in the process, the reality is exactly the opposite.

These are all, first and foremost, dedicated to myself. I’m the one who needs them. I’m the one who needs to learn (and relearn) them. I write about what I personally feel the need to master at that moment.

That’s why some subjects keep repeating themselves in what I write, or why I choose to reread certain books and articles. I’m drawn to those things I struggle with, whatever challenges I have at that moment.

So no, I’m not a guru or an expert. I’m far from it. I’m just someone who tries to analyze in a clinical way the knowledge gaps and chooses to do something about it. By writing about something, I feel that my learning is accelerated, but it’s still a struggle. I’m nowhere close to owning the keys to a life’s framework.

This is also the reason why I reject those self-proclaimed ‘specialists’ who never waste an opportunity to brag about their high level of expertise – the real expert will never feel the need to do that.

P.S. the photo used at the beginning of the article represents Dan Perjovschi’s wall in Sibiu and was taken during FITS 2018 (see more photos here).


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