Ryan Holiday x Cristina | Cristina’s Podcast

This conversation was recorded in November 2019, when bestselling author Ryan Holiday was invited as a speaker at GPeC Summit, Romania’s largest ecommerce event.

Ryan is one of the most popular writers in the world. He has authored bestsellers such as The Obstacle is the Way, Ego is the Enemy, Trust me, I’m Lying, Conspiracy (my personal favorite) and many other books about human condition and marketing. He shares timeless lessons learned from stoicism that he now uses as a framework for navigating our chaotic modern world.

We talked about mentors, life changing habits, his writing and note-taking process, how to choose what books to read, and more.

You’ll hear us talk about:

  • How Ryan discovered the philosophy of stoicism
  • How he prepares before giving a public talk and pre-stage ritual
  • Why to choose mostly old books, how to look at the return of the investment and when to give up books
  • What he reads and why
  • What’s his book notes process and research
  • The life changing habits that he practices and care limits he imposed
  • What happens when our identities get tied up in our work
  • The importance of speaking the truth and being creative
  • Mentorship and advice to young people looking for a mentor

  • Follow Ryan Holiday:

  • His website (where you can subscribe to his monthly book recommendations newsletter)
  • Daily Stoic (for daily stoic wisdom delivered via email)
  • Daily Dad

  • Thanks:

  • GPeC (Andrei and Raluca Radu and their team – for inviting Ryan in Romania)
  • Ergo (audio edit)
  • Silent Strike (music intro / outro)
  • mvd_mvn (artwork)
  • Andra Zaharia
  • Robert Katai
  • Marian Hurducaș
  • Miruna (notes)

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