Cristina’s Friday last email (for real)

Sorry for disappearing and leaving things hanging. I dived so deep into day to day stuff for The CEO Library that I didn’t have mental energy left for anything else.

That being said, I owe you one last email with a few clarifications:

1. If you’ll ever miss my usual Friday emails, you should give a chance to The CEO Library newsletter, cause I’m writing similar things there, in my same laid-back and no-bullshit style.

I realized that most of you are reluctant to sign up there because of the name of the project – it’s an overall rejection towards anything that’s got to do with corporations in general. Let me clarify this: The CEO Library is NOT a project only / about / with / dedicated to CEOs. It’s got nothing to do with external validations.

It’s a project with the best ideas from the best books, those that can make you question your assumptions and accelerate your learning process. Those that can help you build courage and become the CEO of your own life, if you’d like.

We’re also not interviewing only CEOs or entrepreneurs, but people who are creative and among the best at what they do (so far, we interviewed more than 200 about the books that shaped their journey).

And if you don’t believe me, better see for yourself and sign up afterwards to that mailing list. Here are a few of the recent stuff that I sent: here and here and here.

2. If you’re also based in Bucharest, hopefully you don’t have any plans for Monday evening (October 29th). An old friend of mine is organizing a series of events called SO Meetups and he invited me and Andrei Roșca to come talk. I’ll dive into why and how to quit social media and become more productive. It’s free to attend, but please signup here (if you still have a Facebook account, that is). We’ll start at 7 PM, at Qreator space (Victoriei Square, Aviatorilor 8A).

3. I also promised you a list of all the independent thinkers with mailing lists that I recommend as alternatives. You can find it here. These are folks that I’ve followed and/or personally know for years. I’ll constantly update the list, every 6 months or so.

Ok, this was it, no more Friday emails from me from now on.

It’s been one hell of a ride and I’m extremely grateful for everything that I’ve learned. happy And if you ever want to get in touch with me, just hit reply.

Thanks for the journey!

– Cristina


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