My inbox before & after GDPR enforcement

The bell curve perfectly represents my personal experience with GDPR enforcement. My inbox has been through something like this: I had a huge spike of emails on 24 and 25th of May – from those services / providers I really chose to be subscribed to and still wanted to receive, then it all went back to the way it was before.

On a daily basis I receive the same number of spammy emails that I did before GDPR, mostly from „PR specialists”, that I can’t unsubscribe from, never requested, nor do I care about. Those agencies are just doing their job, mass-emailing boring press releases, and it seems like no GDPR will slow them.

I mean hey, not even the local authorities aren’t GDPR compliant.

Can’t say I wasn’t expecting this, but my gullible side was still hoping that something would change. Or maybe it’s too soon? Although we’ve known about GDPR for more than two years. It feels like a good idea that was badly communicated or implemented, and I’m afraid that it only disrupted those who were already taking reasonable measures to protect personal data. I’m also wondering what non-digital natives understood from this whole GDPR thing.

Patio11’s tweet-thread and discussions around it are also worth checking out (click on the date at the end to read all):


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