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Recomandare curs: Ryan Holiday – Smart PR for Artists & Entrepreneurs

Ryan Holiday - Creative Live - Smart PR Course

Pont rapid: cei de la Creative Live au azi reduceri de până la 50% la toate cursurile lor, inclusiv la cel al lui Ryan Holiday despre media & PR. Costă $83 (cu toate taxele incluse) și este dedicat antreprenorilor și artiștilor care vor să învețe să realizeze campanii creative de promovare.

Și dacă tot am deschis subiectul Ryan Holiday: pe 13 iulie se lansează în UK noua lui carte, Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts, la care a lucrat în ultimii 2 ani. Am precomandat-o luna trecută, așa că zilele astea stau și dau refresh la tracking information. E pe drum, însă joi plec puțin în vacanță și visez că va ajunge coletul până atunci. laughing

Câteva cuvinte despre carte direct din newsletterul lui:

“[…] When I look at projects to consult or market today, I try to ask myself: Is this thing going to last? Will history be kind to it? It’s cool to think that the first book projects I ever worked on are now celebrating their ten year anniversary.

I’ve even tried to apply this contrarian thinking to my own writing. I don’t believe I have created masterpieces that will last a thousand years, but I humbly submit that longevity has been the aim of my work. I’ve tried to model my own books to be what the industry calls perennial sellers and have started to see the results of those efforts. You wouldn’t necessarily know it from the New York Times bestseller list, but in the years since they’ve been published, my books have sold more than a half million copies in more than twenty-five languages and continue to sell steadily day in and day out. These works may go out of print someday, but every morning that they stick is a vote of confidence that they’ll still be around that evening.

All of which is a long way of saying this is a topic I think about a lot, personally and professionally. It’s now the topic of my next book, Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts.

I sold this book as a proposal to Penguin Random House in early 2015 thinking it might be a quick project about book marketing. Instead I spent the next two-plus years obsessing over what goes into work that lasts, be it businesses, books, movies or music, going deeper and deeper the more I found because quick is never a way to create something meaningful or important. I wanted to get to the essence of what makes things great, what gives them staying power and how those lessons can be applied to anything we do, big or small.”

Puteți s-o comandați de pe Amazon.

P.S. E amuzant că am început să scriu acest articol ca să vă recomand cursul lui de Smart PR, dar am ajuns să scriu mai multe rânduri despre noua carte. laughing


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