What I’m currently up to:

  • After 10+ years of starting or working on local (Romanian) projects, took a leap and co-founded a project dedicated to the international market. It’s called The CEO Library and I just launched it with an old friend, Bobby Voicu. It’s not the first project we start together, 10 years ago we founded – the first blog that got sold in our home country, despite the fact that it happened during the global financial crisis. Our new project combines our passions for reading and finding out what books influenced the people we look up to (entrepreneurs, writers and so on). It’s an itch we just had to scratch, as we couldn’t find all those books recommendations in just one place.

  • Drastically cut time I was wasting on social networks and replaced it with reading more books. So, in case you are trying to contact me on Facebook, please be aware that the odds are I won’t be reading your message.

  • Just had my first marathon in Warsaw (Poland). Yes, all 42 kilometers long. It was the first and last marathon I planned to run on road, from now on I’ll focus only on trail / mountain running. Below you can see a picture of me that was taken during the run – I’m probably the first person to finish a marathon without complaining of any kind of pain. Full story here (in Romanian).

  • Really excited by Derek Sivers’ new book announcement. I’ll probably be the first to pre-order it. big grin

  • …also excited by Tim Ferriss’ upcoming book. Already pre-ordered it.

  • Just came back from Berlin and Warsaw, but already planning my next trips. Coming soon: Greece (I’ll be attending my first greek wedding happy ), Madrid (in January), Tokyo (in March 2018 – been dreaming about this one for a loooong time!).
  • * page last updated: October 2nd, 2017 / inspired by Derek project.

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