What I’m currently up to:

  • Went to Greece for what felt like a really short holiday – only 6 beach days! Must stay longer next time, I didn’t get to fully recharge my batteries. Though I’ve been going there almost every summer since 1998, I still discover wonderful new places. This time I went to Sarti – a quiet town on Sithonia peninsula, in Halkidiki. Every morning I got to see the sun rising from behind mount Athos. I’m also impressed with the Bulgarian highways – they are opening new road segments every year. By contrast, Romania is probably the only country where we have less highway kilometers than we had the year before, thanks to government corruption (politicians opening highways right before the election day, even though they were built poorly and unsafe, so they had to quickly close them in order to prevent a disaster).
  • Last month I almost got swept off the mountain because of powerful winds, while trying to finish Retezat SkyRace Intersport – a 28 kilometers trail running race with 2300 m altitude difference. Now I can’t wait for my next running competitions. I am training for 4 half-marathons (two of them in the mountains, two on the road) and my first marathon. First planned is Via-Maria Theresia, held at the end of August in Bistrița Mountains, afterwards comes Ciucaș X3, in the second weekend of September. The road half-marathons will be in October, in Chișinău and Bucharest. I’m also going to Berlin (the ocassion is 321sport Running Tour powered by and Varșovia, where I’ll have my first marathon.
  • I’m also planning a short vacation in Cârțișoara, a small Transylvanian village from where my grandparents are. No running this time, only reading, eating and sleeping. happy It’s close to Transfăgărășan, one of the most beautiful roads in the world. You probably know it from this Top Gear episode that was filmed 7 years ago, and also Lamborghini just shot a new video ad there.
  • At PORC we’re searching for someone to take care of our social media presence, so these past days I was buried in applications. In case you’re not familiar with the brand: PORC is the most popular Romanian streetwear brand, differentiated by its nonconformist products, made with quality materials and promoted unconventionally. Their ambassadors are artists and leaders of niche communities. It grew organically since its 2012 launch, thanks to word-of-mouth promotion.
  • Been drastically cutting down the time I’m wasting on social networks. So, in case you are trying to contact me on Facebook, please be aware that the odds are I won’t be reading your message too soon.
  • In the last quarter of 2017 I published interviews with people I admire, people considered to be the best in their domain. Despite the fact that this long-form kind of journalism isn’t exactly popular nowadays (very long interviews, 10.000+ words, lack of visual support), the posts received feedback beyond my expectations. Thousands of readers that devoured each interview, spending a huge amount of time reading them, but also incredible offline reactions. Took a break for a few months and now I’m moving the interviews on a separate website, as a side project, completely unrelated to this blog.

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