What I’m currently up to:

  • Been thinking about this for a long time, but now I finally did it – I switched from my old domain ( – “pyuric” has been my nickname for 24+ years) to a new one ( – my full name).
  • After a long, hard winter, that forced me to train mostly indoors, the new trail running season is finally here. From May until October I’ll have one big competition every month.
  • And since I brought up sports, I’ve been doing my best to support this wonderful guy in his goal of helping people change their lives through sports. We also just launched, the website dedicated to the runners community.
  • Two years of experimenting as an employee for various companies made me want to go back to freelancing and start new projects. I missed working with small, creative teams, and I missed being in charge with my schedule. Now I’m working twice as much as before, earning almost nothing compared to when I was employed, but the personal satisfaction is beyond comparison.
  • Been trying to cut down the time spent on social networks – in case you tried to contact me on Facebook and you were wondering why I didn’t even see the message, now you understand why.
  • In the last quarter of 2017 I published interviews with people I admire, people considered to be the best in their domain. Despite the fact that this long-form kind of journalism isn’t exactly popular nowadays (very long interviews, 10.000+ words, lack of visual support), the posts received feedback beyond my expectations. Thousands of readers that devoured each interview, spending a huge amount of time reading them, but also incredible offline reactions. Took a break for a few months, but will start the interview series again soon – REAL SOON!
  • Still in a conflict regarding the advertising policy for this blog. I prefer to be involved only in long-term partnerships, with brands that want to do innovative and meaningful campaigns, instead of one-time-only plain advertising campaigns. However, in the same time, it’s frustrating to see the huge amount of money that’s being poured down the drain, on “meh” campaigns with self proclaimed influencers.
  • Together with my better half, we’ve been saving money for my first trip to Japan, and now we finally bought the tickets. For March 2018! This will be my first time outside Europe (stepping on the Asian part of Istanbul doesn’t count, right?).

  • * page last updated in May 2017 / inspired by Derek project.

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