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Back home, in Bucharest, I follow the same routine: my days are split into two big parts, one dedicated to work, and one for fun.

I work from the minute I wake up – that usually happens between 6 and 7 AM, perhaps later during winters, but never using an alarm clock. After working hard until late afternoon, I have the rest of the day blocked for the fun activities.

Work is also further divided into two separate chunks of time: thinking – early in the morning (that’s the creative part, where I need to focus) and communicating – at noon (team management, emails, meetings, and so on).

By ‘fun activities” I’m referring to long conversations with close friends and/or sports training – I have running (Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and spinning classes (Monday and Thursday evenings).

My guess is that this works for me for several reasons: Read more…

Today (Sunday) I’ve taken over FITS Instagram account – go follow @fitSIBIU & check out the stories to see what I’m up to!

You’ll find out what dance & theatre performances I’ll attend & recommend, book exhibitions and other interesting things going on in Sibiu.

Until midnight I’ll be in charge of everything that’s posted on the instastories of Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

P.S. while you’re there, you can also follow my account as well, of course.

As you probably already know, I’ll be spending the next days in Sibiu, attending the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. It’s a week-long dose of culture, arts and creativity in all its forms, from theatre to dance performances, modern circus, book exhibitions, workshops and many others. Overall, it’s a great pretext to meet interesting people gathered from all corners of the world, in a beautiful city.

The festival is now at its 25th edition, but this is only the second year I’m attending.

Here’s a quick glance into how my first 24 hours at the festival looked like – perhaps these experiences will inspire you as well, if you happen to travel to Sibiu. happy

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At the end of this week I’ll be moving my headquarters (do read: ‘laptop’ ) to FITS – that’s short for Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

Even though it’s at its 25th edition and I’ve been hearing my friends praising it for a long time, I only first attended last year. It was love at first experience – mixed with feelings of regrets for not giving it a chance sooner. I promised myself I won’t be missing any more of its editions, and so here I am, one year later, sticking to that promise.

It’s a much needed overdose of arts and creativity in all its forms – from theatre (obviously) to dance, modern circus, movies, music, books, photo exhibitions, and, overall, a good opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world gathered in a beautiful place (which also happens to be my ancestors’ town).

If you happen to be attending, give me a sign and let’s grab a coffee in between performances.

I’ll also continue last year’s tradition of interviewing extraordinary people attending the festival – so stay tuned.

Mikhail Baryshnikov @ FITS 2017 - conferinta de presa (foto Sebastian Marcovici)

Un om calm, împăcat cu el și cu felul în care a decurs viața lui. Lipsit de regrete, recunoscător pentru experiențele acumulate și care se bucură la maxim de fiecare clipă. Asta a fost senzația cu care am rămas după ce l-am ascultat cu atenție pe Mikhail Baryshnikov, celebrul balerin, vorbind la conferința de presă organizată în cadrul FITS (Festivalul Internațional de Teatru de la Sibiu).

Îmbrăcat simplu, în cămașă albă, geacă de denim, pantaloni navy și ochelari de soare, Baryshnikov parcă arată din ce în ce mai bine pe măsură ce îmbătrânește (n-aș fi zis că se apropie de vârsta de 70 de ani).

Conferința restrânsă a fost urmată de o surpriză și mai plăcută: aseară am avut ocazia să urmăresc repetiția finală a piesei de teatru “Brodsky/Baryshnikov”. Read more…