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A few days ago, I had breakfast at an avocado fast food place that just opened in Bucharest (my home town), which reminded me of a similar themed restaurant I discovered this year in Tokyo and I’ve been planning to write about.

The place is called Madosh, it’s located in Harajuku neighborhood Google Maps link – basically, where all the hipsters and most expensive shops are, and all dishes in the menu are avocado-based. Read more…

As you probably already know, I’ll be spending the next days in Sibiu, attending the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. It’s a week-long dose of culture, arts and creativity in all its forms, from theatre to dance performances, modern circus, book exhibitions, workshops and many others. Overall, it’s a great pretext to meet interesting people gathered from all corners of the world, in a beautiful city.

The festival is now at its 25th edition, but this is only the second year I’m attending.

Here’s a quick glance into how my first 24 hours at the festival looked like – perhaps these experiences will inspire you as well, if you happen to travel to Sibiu. happy

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Returning from my first trip to Japan (and first time ever outside Europe), everyone back home wanted to know what I enjoyed most while there. My reply was completely different from what they were expecting me to say: I praised their population’s preparedness for disasters.

Nowhere else in the whole world had I felt safer than in Tokyo, a city that lies at the intersection of 3 major tectonic plates, where huge natural disasters occur all the time, and is one of the world’s most populated areas.

Whatsoever, when you take into consideration that I’m living with an earthquake phobia and crowds anxiety, my answer starts to make sense.

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În urmă cu un an, pe vremea asta, îi făceam o vizită domnului doctor Alin Popescu. Era doar un control de rutină, ca să verific efectele în urma alergărilor din 2016 și să-i împărtășesc planul de alergare pentru următorul sezon.

Aveam în gând ca în 2017:
✓ Să termin primul meu maraton.
✓ Să fie singurul pe care-l fac pe asfalt, să mă concentrez în rest doar pe alergările montane.
✓ Să nu-l fac în București, ci într-un oraș dintr-o țară străină, cu atmosferă mișto pe traseu.
✓ Să-l duc relaxată până la capăt, fără să risc efecte pe termen lung.

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