Special Friday Read – 1 year anniversary: making & breaking habits workshop

What you’ll read below is the complete and unedited email I sent almost two weeks ago, on July 27th, to those subscribed to my mailing list.

tl;dr: As a one year anniversary since I started the newsletter, I decided to organize a workshop for the subscribers, together with Andrei Roșca. The seats limit has been reached in the meantime, so you can’t sign up anymore. However, if you want to learn more about any other upcoming events, you can subscribe to Friday Read.


Special Friday Read – 1 year anniversary! ????

Reading all sorts of interesting articles around the web, watching TED talks every day, checking book summaries, or even reading my own newsletters is not enough to actually learn something. They’re great to create an appetite for learning, but we need more if we want that information to sediment in our brains.

And, as I was saying in last week’s email, we need to start applying those things as well. It’s not enough that we only read about them and afterwards do nothing (or maybe we’re just tricking our brains into believing this is our way of changing?).

In the past months I’ve started to put together a series of activities with long term perspective. These are things that will amplify the impact of my weekly newsletters and help you achieve more. And I won’t be alone in the challenge, I’ll be joined by the best people I know, those that are experts in their fields and I personally learned from them.

But before getting to that, just a quick reminder that almost 60% of the year has gone. What happened with all the promises, lists and plans you made at the start of the new year? Are you still keeping up with them? I’d bet not.

Obviously, I’m cheating, that’s an ultra safe bet to make. I can Google search for some statistics and use them to increase your fear, worry and perceived risk, but let’s not dive into this kind of emotionally manipulative techniques. We don’t need any studies to tell us what we already know: that most of those bullet points on our New Year’s Resolution list get lost at some point along the way, maybe even as soon as the end of January.

Perhaps your targets weren’t realistic from the beginning. Perhaps you started making exceptions to the initial rules (“it’s just this one time, then I’ll get back on track!”). Perhaps you didn’t measure your progress or take into consideration some things that aren’t under your control. Perhaps you talked more than you took action and tricked your brain into thinking you actually did change something.

Whatever the reason, you slipped for a second and, next thing you know, you’re completely off the wagon, far away from the goals that you set. And now you lost confidence and you’re feeling guilty for letting yourself down. You’ve labeled yourself in a certain way. “I’m the one who can’t do this”.

No more. I want to be help you become unstoppable. And one of the ways I’m confident I can do that is by organizing a workshop on habits – how to master the meta-skill of making and breaking them. So this is the first activity in the series I was talking about.

I’m not just talking about habits such as how to quit smoking or reduce the alcohol intake, eating healthier, sleeping better or practicing sports, where you’re painfully self-aware of the consequences and you can see results quickly. Those are extremely important as well, obviously.

But I’m also talking about how to create or break habits that don’t have a direct, fast and visible effect. Learning new things. Not letting social media control you and being able to focus, do the deep work that only you can do. Writing that book you’ve always said you will. All those things that won’t cause permanent damage and ruin your life if they don’t happen, friends and family members won’t stop talking to you, you won’t get sick or die faster, but you will have wasted your potential.

The workshop will be held by me together with Andrei Roșca. If you’ve been subscribed to my newsletter since the beginning, you already know Andrei’s impact over my life. He helped me change, get to the core of my problems, disentangle the wires in my head, gain clarity, identify the next steps, and make sure I don’t fall into the same trap again. Exactly one year ago I decided to start from scratch in a new field, founded The CEO Library, and also started Friday Read.

He’s not a magic wand that I used to tell me what I need to do – only I can figure that out. But Andrei did help me accelerate the process and get there much faster than I could have on my own, so I have absolute confidence that he can deliver and help you as well.

If you choose to attend this workshop, you’ll learn the principles that will help you start habits and make sure you stay on track. We’ll help you refine your medium and long term goals and work backwards from them, to figure out the best routines, tools and systems that can help you along the way, and the steps to implement them. How to get rid of those that are pulling you back. The power of compound effect and how to implement domino habits.

But you have to be ready to commit and do the work. If you choose to attend, you need to be proactive and willing to openly share your goals and roadblock with the group. We don’t want anyone who’ll just take notes and learn, but go home and completely forget about it and not apply anything. We’re gonna keep you accountable!

Also, complete discretion is required. Phones will be turned off – we need you to be 100% present and not distracted by trivial day-to-day things. No information will be shared in public, no photos taken, no blog posts or insights shared on social media.

The workshop will be on 1st of September, 2018 (Saturday), in the morning, it will last 4 hours, and attendance is limited to 10 people.

It will take place in Bucharest, Romania (for those of you who aren’t Bucharest-based: I’m sorry. If everything goes well, I promise this will be just the first event in a long series!).

The cost to attend is 85 Euro. We’re underpricing it a little bit, since this is the first event we’re doing together, we’ll certainly raise the prices in the future.

If you want to book one of the 10 seats, fill in this Google form and you’ll get a reply soon.


Imaginary dialogues:

Question #1: Why is it during the weekend? I can’t come, I’m out of town! Please organize one during the week as well.
Answer: It’s a matter of personal priorities. We’re actually making it hard to attend on purpose, so that only the most motivated ones will come, and thus filtering those who shouldn’t come in the first place. We also want you to be your best self, and after a hard day’s work you’ll surely not be able to focus.

Question #2: Why did you limit this event to only 10 seats? Why not make it bigger?
Answer: We want people to openly talk about their specific situations, where they want to get in life and what’s blocking them, and they need to know they’re in a friendly and safe environment. That might not happen in larger groups. Some people might accidentally be ignored. They might not get to talk about their problems. They might be shy and stay quiet. I’m a highly introverted individual, so I’ll personally make sure that everyone gets enough attention to address what’s on their mind, and I’ll do everything in my power to help them.

Question #3: Can you tell me more about Andrei Roșca?
Answer: Andrei comes from an entrepreneurial and business background, with more than a decade of experience. At some point, he completely switched course – he still builds and runs successful businesses, but it’s not his main priority anymore. He’s now focused on being a personal change strategist, and that’s actually how we started working together. You can find more details on his website or Linkedin.

Question #4: What will you do with all those money?
Answer: All the profit from this workshop will be invested into creating related activities, all with the same goal: of helping people achieve more in life. A big chunk will go into The CEO Library, the educational project that I started building a year ago, a website dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs through books that will help them grow their business, save precious time, accelerate their learning, innovate and, ultimately create more jobs.

Question #5: Cristina, what if I don’t learn anything new and feel I wasted my time and money?
Answer: If you leave unsatisfied, you’ll get all your money back, no questions asked.


Still want to sign up? Fill in the form here. And please don’t share this publicly – it’s only for those of you who are subscribed. happy

P.S. no recommendations of articles or books for today. I’m too excited about the workshop, nervous to see what your thoughts are, but next Friday everything will be back to normal.

Stay curious.

– Cristina


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