At the end of this week I’ll be moving my headquarters (do read: ‘laptop’ ) to FITS – that’s short for Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

Even though it’s at its 25th edition and I’ve been hearing my friends praising it for a long time, I only first attended last year. It was love at first experience – mixed with feelings of regrets for not giving it a chance sooner. I promised myself I won’t be missing any more of its editions, and so here I am, one year later, sticking to that promise.

It’s a much needed overdose of arts and creativity in all its forms – from theatre (obviously) to dance, modern circus, movies, music, books, photo exhibitions, and, overall, a good opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world gathered in a beautiful place (which also happens to be my ancestors’ town).

If you happen to be attending, give me a sign and let’s grab a coffee in between performances.

I’ll also continue last year’s tradition of interviewing extraordinary people attending the festival – so stay tuned.

Some awesome people are subscribed to my Friday Read newsletter, including stand-up comedian Cristi Popesco.

Last month, Cristi invited me to be a guest on his podcast/show/vlog, where we talked about my daily routine, productivity tips, habits, why and how I quit Facebook, my experience within the music industry and working with rappers, earthquake alerts, my obsessive attention to laundry doing details, and many other completely random stuff.

Unfortunately for my international readers, this one’s Romanian only.

Play it here: Read more…

I started running 3 years ago. It wasn’t the first day of the year. It wasn’t the first day of the month. It wasn’t even the first day of the week. It was just a random cold Saturday, on February 14th, 2015.

I continued to run – almost on a daily basis – ever since, and I won’t stop for as along as I’m able to do this. Never want to experience the frustration I felt at the beginning. Read more…

I’m 30 years old and, during the first true spring days in my home-city, I still feel the urge to skip classes and waste time on the streets or in a park.

Of course, 12 years have passed since the last time I actually had any mandatory classes to attend. For the most part of those years, I’ve been in control of my schedule, working mostly from home, on my own projects (such as The CEO Library, the one I’m currently building). Read more…

Returning from my first trip to Japan (and first time ever outside Europe), everyone back home wanted to know what I enjoyed most while there. My reply was completely different from what they were expecting me to say: I praised their population’s preparedness for disasters.

Nowhere else in the whole world had I felt safer than in Tokyo, a city that lies at the intersection of 3 major tectonic plates, where huge natural disasters occur all the time, and is one of the world’s most populated areas.

Whatsoever, when you take into consideration that I’m living with an earthquake phobia and crowds anxiety, my answer starts to make sense.

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Berlin, Jan. 01 2017

You know how in the pre-flight safety briefing you’re instructed to always put your oxygen mask on first, in case the plane crashes? And only afterwards to take care of your child and put their mask on? Have you ever wondered why? That’s because if you’re left without oxygen, you might not be physically capable to help your kid. You’re no use to anyone if you don’t help yourself first.

By now you’re probably confused, wondering why the hell am I writing this in English instead of my native language, Romanian, as I usually do. Well, I have some big changes to announce: from now on, I’ll communicate only in English. It’s part of the process of helping myself, something as vital as oxygen in order to stay safe on the long run. Read more…

Dacă îți dorești să fii mai disciplinat, să nu mai ocolești taskurile importante și să nu-ți mai irosești timpul pe social media, atunci acest interviu s-ar putea să te ajute.

Am avut ocazia să stau de vorbă și să învăț mai multe de la un om care:
– În fiecare zi se trezește la 5:30, face sport, scrie în jurnal, face liste de idei sau lucruri pentru care este recunoscător -> importanța unor obiceiuri sănătoase într-o rutină zilnică.
– Are pedepse în cazul în care nu reușește să bifeze taskurile săptămânale pe care și le-a propus.
– Nu are niciun cont de social media, obișnuiește să-și lase telefonul acasă zile întregi. M-a inspirat și pe mine să iau câteva acțiuni în această privință, încă n-am ajuns la același nivel ca el, dar mă străduiesc.
– Se ghidează după principiile filosofiei stoice, singura carte pe care o are în format fizic este The Daily Stoic a lui Ryan Holiday.
– Practică sporturi de anduranță: participă la ultra-maratoane și se “recuperează” cu curse MTB de câte 12-24 de ore.
– Este într-o permanentă re-evaluare, căutând noi modalități prin care poate deveni mai bun – iar cărțile pe care le citește joacă un rol important în această privință.

Ok, am lungit destul introducerea. Este vorba de Mike Benkovich, web developer și antreprenor din Sydney, Australia. Read more…

La final de decembrie obișnuiam să fac o lungă listă de rezoluții pentru noul an. Obiective vag formulate, de genul “Voi învăța mandarina”, “Mă voi apuca de sală”, “Mă voi organiza mai bine”.

Sunt doar niște exemple random, nu mi-am propus nimic din astea cu adevărat. De fapt, nici măcar nu-mi mai amintesc lucrurile de pe listele mele reale, fiindcă uitam de ele în maxim o lună (și probabil că le mai reciteam peste un an, când mă apuca cheful de listă nouă).

În loc să îmi stabilesc niște obiective realiste, cu pași concreți pe care aș putea să-i urmez, visam cai verzi pe pereți. Și evident că nu-mi ieșea nimic. Read more…