I recently made room in my inbox for a couple more newsletters that provide high value.

One of them is Carmen Albișteanu’s “Fit Tales newsletter“.

Carmen’s a dear old friend of mine, but also a certified food coach, excellent trail runner (the kind that wins competitions, not just complains about how hard it was tongue ), and a CRO strategist expert. I’ve been pressuring Carmen for a while now into building her own mailing list, and she finally took the leap.

She’ll use this bimonthly newsletter as a platform to share nutrition and sports related resources, with all sorts of articles, podcasts, and anything that she finds valuable and nonsense-free.

Subscribe now, don’t wait till January! happy

One year ago I started a personal newsletter called “Friday Read” – yeah, I know, such a highly creative name happy I actually named it this way as a form to apply pressure on myself and turn it into a habit – I can’t really start a newsletter named Friday Read and not send it every Friday, now can I?

What you’ll find below are bits and pieces of my thoughts on why I started this newsletter, how it grew in the past year, together with a few stats and their context.

If you’re already subscribed, feel free to skip this article – these are just copy-pasted fragments of the emails sent recently.

P.S. the illustration from the beginning of this article was created by a reader as a one year anniversary gift – thanks, Cornel! If you’re using Instagram, send him your love. Read more…

What you’ll read below is the complete and unedited email I sent almost two weeks ago, on July 27th, to those subscribed to my mailing list.

tl;dr: As a one year anniversary since I started the newsletter, I decided to organize a workshop for the subscribers, together with Andrei Roșca. The seats limit has been reached in the meantime, so you can’t sign up anymore. However, if you want to learn more about any other upcoming events, you can subscribe to Friday Read.

Thanks! Read more…

This past weekend I competed in Marathon 7500, a trail running race that takes you all over Bucegi mountains. It was an anniversary edition, celebrating 10 years since the first one, so a couple more races were added to the two traditional ones. All of them start and finish at Peștera (Moroeni), while taking you up and down Omu’ peak on different routes (at 2,505 m altitude, it’s the highest point in Bucegi mountains and 6th highest in Romania).

These are the four races and their routes:

– 8500: a new addition. you get to climb on Omu’ peak four times, on four different routes. It’s 100.5 km long, with 8500m+ altitude difference.
– 7500: the Elite race. you get to climb Omu’ three times. 90 km long, 7500m+.
– 3200: the one ran by my better half, also called “Hobby race”. he climbed Omu’ peak twice, on two different trails. 42 km long (the distance of a marathon), with 3200m+.
– 1600: also a new one. dubbed ‘Kiddies race’, this is the one I signed up for and ran on Saturday. I got to climb Omu’ peak once. Only 23 km long (so barely more than a half-marathon), with 1600m+ elevation. For those of you who prefer visual representation, here’s the map: Read more…

I love what Sol Orwell is doing.

Almost two years ago, he started to organize charity food offs – events where all money go to charity. And you get to eat chocolate chip cookies made by professionals and then rank your top 5 fav cookies.

The first event, Chocolate Chip Cookie Off, was held at the beginning of January 2017 – he convinced 27 professional chefs and bakers around Toronto to make cookies and raised $2,500. Read more…

I’ll start with a disclaimer: I’m personally repulsed by online giveaways. I consider them shortcuts for lazy marketers. Yeah, sure, they work, but they can’t be your only strategy on the long term – as I’ve seen it happen with so many brands. Giveaways usually attract people that are irrelevant for your business, so are they really worth the energy? What’s more important: having 100 fans who really trust you and buy your products, or 10,000 fans who hit the like button just so they could win a prize, but don’t care about you and your mission?

That being said, at The CEO Library we really want to help the future generation of entrepreneurs. That’s why we thought of a giveaway that can provide real value and make a difference in the journey of those with an entrepreneurial mindset, who are always curious to learn more and improve themselves. Read more…

Every time someone tells me they’re considering giving up meat, I ask them: why? Why would you do that? Is it because you haven’t been feeling well after consuming it? Is it because of your blood test results? Do you feel morally wrong for eating animals? Or is it just because it’s a trend in your bubble? Without defining the main reason why you’re doing this, I don’t think you should stop eating meat.

This is an unexpected reaction, since I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 7 years and never felt so good before in my life. People expect me to encourage them when they mention they want to stop consuming meat and, instead, I make them question themselves. Read more…

As you probably already know, six months ago I decided to close my personal Facebook account. It was December 2017, right before Christmas – a day that also marked my 10-year anniversary on the social network. What started as a one-week experiment turned into the best decision I’ve made for my mental health, so I never went back to reactivate the account.

It so happens that DoR, my favorite Romanian magazine, challenged me to write a few words on the subject – which I gladly accepted. My thoughts were published in #32, their latest issue (you can find them at page 24). Read more…

Every time I travel I take my running shoes with me. I don’t always have time for a run, but, just in case I do, I’d rather pack my gear than regret afterwards. Last week, in Sibiu, I took with me a new, ultra light pair of shoes, that I feel it ‘propulses’ me when training on short distances. Read more…