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La PORC sunt trei mari campanii de reduceri pe an: una de Black Friday (ultima vineri din luna noiembrie), una de aniversare (au împlinit 7 ani în mai), și una de final de vară… care tocmai a început și mai ține +24 de ore.

Cu ocazia asta am aflat și ce iese când combini un rechin cu un porc. Un PORC-rechin care vrea să prindă un tricou PORC din undița unui pescar-PORC. Yes, very meta. În orice caz, au intrat la apă prețurile la toate produsele disponibile pe stoc (nu există stoc ascuns) și o să vină și colecția nouă de toamnă în câteva săptămâni.

Tip for hardcore fans: abonații la newsletter-ul PORC – scris de yours truly – află de sale & lansările de produse noi / restocks înainte de orice anunț pe social media. Cu plăcere.

Started this week with some amazing news: The CEO Library was featured in a BBC article about reading habits! Front-page, above the fold and all, for 24 hours. big grin

A few of the things that were mentioned:

– Why I didn’t read books for several years and what changed.
– How that was one of the many factors that led to starting The CEO Library together with Bobby.
– The reading habits of a few successful entrepreneurs we’ve interviewed and how books made a difference in their journey.

My amazing friend Andra Zaharia was also mentioned in the article, she talks about setting expectations and reading goals.

Read it here, apply what you learn, and perhaps share the article with friends and family. big grin

Thanks, Zaria Gorvett, for reaching out!

I’ll start with a disclaimer: I’m personally repulsed by online giveaways. I consider them shortcuts for lazy marketers. Yeah, sure, they work, but they can’t be your only strategy on the long term – as I’ve seen it happen with so many brands. Giveaways usually attract people that are irrelevant for your business, so are they really worth the energy? What’s more important: having 100 fans who really trust you and buy your products, or 10,000 fans who hit the like button just so they could win a prize, but don’t care about you and your mission?

That being said, at The CEO Library we really want to help the future generation of entrepreneurs. That’s why we thought of a giveaway that can provide real value and make a difference in the journey of those with an entrepreneurial mindset, who are always curious to learn more and improve themselves. Read more…