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I’m writing this article so I can directly send the link to everyone who’s asking me how to start running. tongue

As this year’s running season is about to end, city streets in big cities across the world will be closed and overtaken by thousands of runners who are competing in races.

Over half a million people finished a marathon (a 42 km long race) in 2016 in the US, out of a total of 56 million Americans who run. In Europe, 41,708 people crossed the finish line of the Paris marathon, 39,072 finished the London marathon, and 36,054 the one in Berlin (these are stats for 2016). The eleventh edition of the Bucharest marathon (the city where I’m based) will take place this Sunday (cc: future mad car drivers).

As this sport’s popularity is on a rise, I think it’s a safe bet to make that some of you will consider starting running in 2019. When this happens, you only need to remember that I wrote this article, to come back to it big grin and get these two things right before lacing your shoes and jumping out the door for your first run: Read more…

I recently made room in my inbox for a couple more newsletters that provide high value.

One of them is Carmen Albișteanu’s “Fit Tales newsletter“.

Carmen’s a dear old friend of mine, but also a certified food coach, excellent trail runner (the kind that wins competitions, not just complains about how hard it was tongue ), and a CRO strategist expert. I’ve been pressuring Carmen for a while now into building her own mailing list, and she finally took the leap.

She’ll use this bimonthly newsletter as a platform to share nutrition and sports related resources, with all sorts of articles, podcasts, and anything that she finds valuable and nonsense-free.

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This past weekend I competed in Marathon 7500, a trail running race that takes you all over Bucegi mountains. It was an anniversary edition, celebrating 10 years since the first one, so a couple more races were added to the two traditional ones. All of them start and finish at Peștera (Moroeni), while taking you up and down Omu’ peak on different routes (at 2,505 m altitude, it’s the highest point in Bucegi mountains and 6th highest in Romania).

These are the four races and their routes:

– 8500: a new addition. you get to climb on Omu’ peak four times, on four different routes. It’s 100.5 km long, with 8500m+ altitude difference.
– 7500: the Elite race. you get to climb Omu’ three times. 90 km long, 7500m+.
– 3200: the one ran by my better half, also called “Hobby race”. he climbed Omu’ peak twice, on two different trails. 42 km long (the distance of a marathon), with 3200m+.
– 1600: also a new one. dubbed ‘Kiddies race’, this is the one I signed up for and ran on Saturday. I got to climb Omu’ peak once. Only 23 km long (so barely more than a half-marathon), with 1600m+ elevation. For those of you who prefer visual representation, here’s the map: Read more…

Every time I travel I take my running shoes with me. I don’t always have time for a run, but, just in case I do, I’d rather pack my gear than regret afterwards. Last week, in Sibiu, I took with me a new, ultra light pair of shoes, that I feel it ‘propulses’ me when training on short distances. Read more…

I started running 3 years ago. It wasn’t the first day of the year. It wasn’t the first day of the month. It wasn’t even the first day of the week. It was just a random cold Saturday, on February 14th, 2015.

I continued to run – almost on a daily basis – ever since, and I won’t stop for as along as I’m able to do this. Never want to experience the frustration I felt at the beginning. Read more…

În urmă cu un an, pe vremea asta, îi făceam o vizită domnului doctor Alin Popescu. Era doar un control de rutină, ca să verific efectele în urma alergărilor din 2016 și să-i împărtășesc planul de alergare pentru următorul sezon.

Aveam în gând ca în 2017:
✓ Să termin primul meu maraton.
✓ Să fie singurul pe care-l fac pe asfalt, să mă concentrez în rest doar pe alergările montane.
✓ Să nu-l fac în București, ci într-un oraș dintr-o țară străină, cu atmosferă mișto pe traseu.
✓ Să-l duc relaxată până la capăt, fără să risc efecte pe termen lung.

Read more…

Soare și super căldură, nori, grindină, vânt care se simțea de parcă ar fi avut 60kmph, temperatura resimțită undeva pe la -10 grade, ninsoare, iar soare, iar super căldură, și ploaie cu soare pe final. Pe toate astea le-am simțit pe propria piele sâmbătă, într-un interval de doar vreo 8 ore, cât mi-a luat să duc până la capăt cursa de alergare montană Retezat SkyRace.

Practic, mai lipseau doar niște descărcări electrice și aș fi putut spune că am trecut prin toate fenomenele meteo posibile. Așa se întâmplă când Mama Natură nu vrea să uităm cine e de fapt șefu’ acolo sus, pe munte. Să nu cumva să devenim prea obraznici. Read more…