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Sunt doi ani și jumătate de când am luat una din cele mai bune decizii pentru sănătatea mea mintală: am pus mâna pe telefon și l-am sunat pe Andrei Roșca. Eram într-un punct critic al vieții mele aka just hit rock bottom. Simțeam că tot urc în fugă un munte, prin ceață, dar nu știam dacă urc în direcția bună, fiindcă nu reușeam să văd vârful, și rămâneam fără energie – cred că exact metafora asta i-am și spus-o atunci, la telefon.

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The following list is a token of appreciation to all the awesome thinkers who write newsletters I highly recommend. These are content sources that I’ve been closely following for a few years, learned from them and applied their lessons in my own personal and business life.

I’m trying to keep a zero inbox (“try” being the key word here – I’ll often procrastinate replying to an email for an unpermitted long time), but, at the end of the week, the odds are I won’t leave unread any single one of the following newsletters.

If you happen to know any more similar mailing lists, please drop the links in the comments below.

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It’s been almost two weeks since I stopped drinking coffee – a painful process that ruins my morning ritual. I loved waking up to a mug of coffee that was freshly ground and prepared by my better half. I loved its smell and the habit of slowly drinking it for the first four or so hours of the day. It was my way of telling my brain that it needs to wake up and start working on whatever task I had planned for that morning (usually something that involves writing).

From time to time, at least once per year, I’ve been taking breaks from caffeine. These usually come right after a period when I’ve exaggerated with the dose and switched from one cup per day (half of which is actually milk) to two or even three. It’s an old exercise of mine, probably weird and hard to explain to others, but I’ll give it a try.

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