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Unele decizii par impulsive când, de fapt, au în spate un proces lung, de multe luni de analiză, nopți nedormite, imaginat scenarii viitoare și făcut ping-pong între variante.

Există mai multe etape pe care ar fi bine să nu le grăbești (și, mai ales, să nu le sari, așa cum am făcut eu și am ajuns să regret): Read more…

One year ago I started a personal newsletter called “Friday Read” – yeah, I know, such a highly creative name happy I actually named it this way as a form to apply pressure on myself and turn it into a habit – I can’t really start a newsletter named Friday Read and not send it every Friday, now can I?

What you’ll find below are bits and pieces of my thoughts on why I started this newsletter, how it grew in the past year, together with a few stats and their context.

If you’re already subscribed, feel free to skip this article – these are just copy-pasted fragments of the emails sent recently.

P.S. the illustration from the beginning of this article was created by a reader as a one year anniversary gift – thanks, Cornel! If you’re using Instagram, send him your love. Read more…

I love what Sol Orwell is doing.

Almost two years ago, he started to organize charity food offs – events where all money go to charity. And you get to eat chocolate chip cookies made by professionals and then rank your top 5 fav cookies.

The first event, Chocolate Chip Cookie Off, was held at the beginning of January 2017 – he convinced 27 professional chefs and bakers around Toronto to make cookies and raised $2,500. Read more…

Returning from my first trip to Japan (and first time ever outside Europe), everyone back home wanted to know what I enjoyed most while there. My reply was completely different from what they were expecting me to say: I praised their population’s preparedness for disasters.

Nowhere else in the whole world had I felt safer than in Tokyo, a city that lies at the intersection of 3 major tectonic plates, where huge natural disasters occur all the time, and is one of the world’s most populated areas.

Whatsoever, when you take into consideration that I’m living with an earthquake phobia and crowds anxiety, my answer starts to make sense.

Read more…