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Google Self Driving Car Lexus RX 450h


Do you think kids want to own a big box with terrible mileage just like their parents drive? Just because cars have lasted a century, that does not mean they’re here to stay, that does not mean they’re not ripe for disruption. Cars are the newspapers of today. Something oldsters can’t live without and youngsters can.

The basic premise is you’ve got to go. How you get there is irrelevant. Furthermore, the costs of car ownership…the insurance and the gas, never mind the maintenance, none of them appeal to a youngster who believes all costs should be baked in.

Articolul complet: Kids Don’t Care About Cars


The medium-term objective for Uber is much broader, and has to do with what tech nerds call the „death of the ownership society.” As Uber rides become cheaper and cheaper, there will be less need for people to own their own cars.

Via: Uber might be more valuable than Facebook someday


A driverless car is a 97-percent cost reduction in the cost of a driven car, making it cheaper than a car you own probably. So it completely changes economics. But the traditional auto companies aren’t going to want a large reduction in the number of cars.

Dintr-un interviu cu Larry Page și Sergey Brin, co-fondatorii Google


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